Roma returning from Canada not eligible for health care in Hungary

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 18th of September 2014   Source: szelbernadett.blog.hu

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From our public service column: I have been continuously receiving letters saying that people lost their benefit and remained without assistance due to the so called “30 day legislation” by FIDESZ.  Many of them did not know that the benefit (= occupation substituting support) has prerequisites.  In this article I will clarify what it is and how to become eligible for it.  Readers, please forward this article to your acquaintances which may be affected.  Do not allow people lives to become impossible due to the lack of sufficient information.


What is this rule?  Effective from January 1st, 2011 the government changed the rules of the eligibility for the support.  Accordingly, those who do not satisfy the conditions of the yearly 30 day work will be excluded.  Revision is made every year where the recipient must prove that he participated in at least 30 days of public works, labour market program or training, or casual or seasonal work.  If he is unable to prove 30 days of employment in any of these ways, then: domestic work and volunteering for community service are also acceptable as work had been done. If one cannot prove his 30 day activity in any of the above ways he will be excluded from the benefit which means he will become eligible no earlier than a year, provided he had been cooperating with the employment centre.


What you should do to be eligible?  If there are no jobs in the area even in public employment then enquire at the local council whether there is an opportunity to undertake public voluntary work at government institutions or NGOs.


Public employer could be local council, regional association, minority council, budget institution, a public organisation’s branch and its priority branch in Hungary, ecclesiastical legal person, health care provider, social and child welfare service provider, public educational and tertiary educational institutions, museums, public library and archives, public cultural institutions.  The employer may pay for the work related expenses.  The applicant and the employer sign a legal agreement about the 30 day volunteer activity which content is determined by law.


Very important to know that the 30 day can be satisfied with domestic work, in case nothing else works out.  In this case unfortunately there is a bureaucratic obligation by which one must find an employer who must be a natural person example a husband or wife.  This person must pay 1000 Ft registration fee to the government every month.  The employer must notify the tax authorities over the phone or internet in advance about his intention to hire. 


If you had not known all these until now and received a letter stating that your benefit will stop, then you must know: you can still perform community work.  Those who were excluded from the benefit due to the 30 day rule will remain job seekers, thus they can participate in community work.  In fact, if he cooperates with the employment centre for at least a year, once again he may become eligible for the benefit.


Due to the loss of the benefit the eligibility for health care terminated and you will have to pay your social insurance yourself (called health care contribution which cost 6660 Ft in 2013).  If you have no money for this then turn to the district office and ask them to issue you with a letter to confirm your social need.  This official certificate is valid for a year and makes you eligible for using the health care services. 


By Bernadett Szel

(Member of Parliament, Co-Chair of the “LMP” green-liberal political party in Hungary)



Translated: Gabie Szanto, RomNet


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