Discrimination against Roma child caused her death in Hungary

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 18th of July 2013   Source: RomNet

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Mr Gyula Varadi (22) and his partner, Bridget (19) rushed to the hospital holding the six month old child, Amanda in their arm who was burning in 41 Celsius fever.  Nobody treated the girl for 12 hours, the parents said.  The shocking story started at 1 am on January 5th and ended with tragedy around noon the next day.



The family was sent away from the emergency department to the children’s ward where the doctor on duty said that he could not accept them without a referral, they should get one from the physician on night call.  The night doctor examined the child who was burning in fever, gave her an injection and sent the family home with a prescription.


The antipyretic drops were no use and the condition of the baby worsened.  When the parents frantically phoned the ambulance, the call was immediately transferred to the children’s emergency department.  There was a different doctor on call who, after hearing the symptoms, instructed the parents to return to the clinic straightaway because the baby may have meningitis.   There they received the referral and brought the child back to the children’s ward of the hospital.


It was already too late: shortly after the child had started receiving life support she died.


The police has started an investigation of Amanda’s death. The Markoth Ferenc Hospital in Eger admitted that they had sent the parents from the emergency department to the children’s ward, however they said that the parent’s did not appear with the baby the same night, only the following morning at 11 am.  The patient was immediately admitted at that time and the doctors did everything to give her treatment and save her life.  Dr. Laszlo Futo, the head director said that their investigation has proved that professional error had not occurred.


A few days ago, Dr. Laszlo Abraham, the family’s lawyer demanded a new investigation of the criminal case lead by experts.  In his opinion, “the fact that the expert had the courage to put in writing that the child would not have stayed alive even if she had received treatment immediately, is egregious”.  In the other hand, the opinion of the expert institution of Eger regarding the hospital in Eger, is unacceptable.  He added: we will lodge a claim to the hospital which may be more than ten million Forints.


Source http://www.hevesmegyei-hirhatar.hu/hir/nem-kapott-ellatast-a-hat-honapos-kislany-egerben-belehalt-a-varakoztatasba


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